Mewvellous Cat Care
For Chiswick, Kew
Richmond & Sheen

Price List

Cat Sitting (1-2 Cats)

1 Daily Visit£20
2 Daily Visits£40
Overnight Stay£60

Cat Sitting (3-4 Cats)

1 Daily Visit£25
2 Daily Visits£50
Overnight Stay£70

Please ask about additional services, such as watering indoor plants, extra playing time, and administering medication, at the time of booking.

Nail Clipping£25
Light De-Mat£45

The following services must be recommended / advised / prescribed by your vet:

Medication Administering£25
Flea & Worm Treatment Application£25
Subcutaneous Fluids 🐾from £25
Wound Care 🐾from £25
Injections (excludes vaccinations)£25
Blood Pressure Monitoring 🐾from £25

Estimates can be provided on a case-by-case basis on request for services marked with 🐾.

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Please note we only cover Chiswick, Kew, Richmond and Sheen. Other locations on request, but not guaranteed.

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Mewvellous Cat Care

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